Pot Roast with a Secret

December 6, 2011 § 6 Comments

This delicious recipe has a secret – an ingredient that often hides in the shadows.  It is rare that you see this little treasure highlighted on a menu, or boasted about in the description of a dish.  Hey, it’s ok.  It’s not a show boat.  It’s not in the game for glory.  All it wants to do is lend a little something to each and every dish it takes part in.  A savory little something, a note of mystery, depth.  It has never demanded credit.  But today I’m calling it out.  I love you, Anchovies.  And I want to thank you for making this the best gosh-darned pot roast I’ve ever eaten.

There you are.  I will admit, your container makes a prettier picture than your fillets.

When I encountered this recipe for Boeuf a la Mode by Dorie Greenspan, she had me at the word ‘anchovies’.  I love these little fish, not so much whole, but as an ingredient in sauce or dressing.  Add them to anything and the description of the flavor profile becomes ‘Robust’.  I’ve made a few slight changes to this recipe, but it’s mostly Dorie’s typical genius.  The beef is much more akin to short ribs than any pot roast I’ve had in the past.

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