Grand Finale, 2010. Ta da!

December 8, 2010 § 1 Comment

This Monday’s dinner, Chicken Malaga, was a multi-day affair.  Day one: cut up the chicken.  I’ve learned so much through Panacea, and one skill I’ve gained is taking apart a whole chicken in no time flat.  Day two: marinate the chicken.  We followed the Silver Palate Marbella recipe fairly closely, although we went lighter on the garlic and dried oregano, and added some thyme.  Next time I think we’ll add more vinegar to the marinade and even less garlic.  Always tweaking things…  Day three: sprinkle the chicken with brown sugar and bake it.  This is such a great recipe – the tang of the vinegar and wine, the brininess of the olives and capers, and the sweetness of the sugar and the prunes (or dried plums, as they seem to be called now).  Lukins & Rosso may have ended up hating each other’s guts, but they were a talented pair.  JM often holds up their dissolved friendship as a warning :”Let’s not get all ‘Sheila & Julie’, Hannah!”  So we don’t. 

For the roasted root vegetables we used sunchokes and fingerling potaotes from Full Circle Farm in Carnation.  We also included carrots, which were incredibly sweet.  The potatoes were creamy and delicious.  And the sunchokes were… intimidating.  I had never encountered such a knobbly vegetable.  Cleaning the dirt out of those cracks and crevices was no easy task!  It was impossible not to think of my daughter’s fat, fat baby thighs.  It was just like that.

Now we’re hanging up our aprons until January 10.  Enjoy the holidays!  Eat lots, and we’ll see you in the new year.

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