A Dinner So Bright You Have To Wear Shades

December 1, 2010 § 1 Comment

Last Monday we turned our thoughts to tropical climes… to lands where the sun sets later than 4:00 pm and the sky is clear blue.  Our ingredients were winter fruits and vegetables, but they suggested something better than Northwest winter.  The salad featured persimmons – they were super sweet and a lovely orange hue.  My photo doesn’t do them justice.  I love the pattern revealed when you slice a persimmon.  They tasted great with sweet, earthy beets.  And those beets came with greens that were in wonderful shape, so we included them in the salad.

The rice was nearly neon yellow – I could almost feel ultraviolet rays emanating off each grain.  (As I write it’s becoming clear to me how deep my hatred of this weather runs.  I’m having a hard time avoiding weather metaphors).  The rice was cooked with coconut milk, lime leaves, and lemongrass, and tumeric gave it that pulsating hue.  It was creamy and rich and I loved it!  This rice dish will definitely be repeated.  

The pork we cooked came from the wonderful Thundering Hooves ranch in eastern Washington.  We browned each roast and then braised them in a mix of pomegranate juice and red wine.  After a few hours in the oven, the meat was easily shredded.  The braising liquid was reduced a bit, and poured over the pork and rice at serving time.  I could have eaten that pork juice on it’s own, like soup.  But it’s those sorts of indulgences that lead to coronaries, so I did not.

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