Beef Stew on a Snowy Evening

November 23, 2010 § 1 Comment

Could there have been a better night for beef stew?  Monday’s snow-pocalypse made it the perfect night to hunker down with a bowl of daube.  I know a few of you weren’t able to fetch your dinners last night – don’t worry, it will be even more delicious today!  Dinner deliveries were made on schedule, thanks to the intrepid Panacea delivery vehicle (that would be my Subaru Impreza).  I felt that I was on a mission of mercy – delivering nourishing meals to hungry, housebound families throughout south Seattle.  Cue the trumpets.

It was a race against time on Monday, as we nervously watched the snow fall all day long.  JM was the mastermind behind the daube – a favorite dish of both of our families.  We used wonderful Thundering Hooves beef, browned it and then braised it with stock, wine, herbs, olives, and a bit of orange peel.  The citrus & olives are a lovely combination – close your eyes and imagine that you are in Provence, not the icy Northwest US.  I’m eating leftover stew as I write, and I think I can smell the lavender fields…. ahhh…

The cabbage was elaborate.  We adapted a recipe by Paula Wolfert, who I think is brilliant.  But her recipes are far from simple.  It usually pays off, and I think it did today.  The cabbage is braised in wine and stock and then combined with bacon, caramelized onions, and sauteed mushrooms. JM usually wrinkles her nose at cabbage, and she gave this dish the thumbs up.  How gratifying!

Now I’ll polish off the rest of this stew, and go to work on a very, very small snowman.  Enjoy the snow!

§ One Response to Beef Stew on a Snowy Evening

  • tally says:

    Comfort food at its very finest! I was so taken by the olives in the daube, and that cabbage fantasie; it warmed the cockles. Thank you, Panacea.

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