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November 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

One sign of a busy Monday is that there is hardly any photographic evidence of the day.  When we’re racing to puree soup and whip up French dressing, who has time to snap pics of the proceedings?  Not I!  So I’ll have to paint  the scene with words… On Sunday I made vegetable stock, and that was captured on film.  I love this stuff!  I love great meat stock, too, but this is undeniably easier to make, and much less messy.  Fragrant and lovely – and check out the color!  Roasted vegetables make all the difference.

JM & Owen were the masterminds behind the twice-baked taters. I think they turned out very nicely – overstuffed and fluffy.  The potato was mashed with chevre and tarragon, then topped with parmesan.  At dinnertime I reheated them in the oven until the the tops were golden.  That took longer than we had expected – sorry if you had wait toooo long for yours, too.

The wonderful vegetable stock became the base for tomato soup with fennel.  First, we browned fennel, onion, & tomato on the stove – that helped deepen the flavors.  After the vegetables simmered with the stock,  we pureed the batch with a hand blender.  I wasn’t up to the Vitamix!  A cook has to know her limits.

Finally, we served a retro salad with JM’s fancy french dressing.  It could have been bottled, it was that authentic.  My mom said it sent her back to 1959, and she would know.  I won’t lie, I’m a vinaigrette girl at heart, but I admire that dressing. Ingenuity with ketchup. God bless America!




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