Panacea Luvs Columbia City Bakery

November 5, 2010 § 1 Comment

I’m lucky enough to live in South Seattle, and it’s easy for me to pop into Columbia City Bakery on Rainier Ave to buy loaves of the best bread in the city.  And the occasional cookie.  And sometimes a sandwich.  In the summertime, CC Bakery is at quite a few farmers markets, ensuring that even people that live in far flung neighborhoods (like Queen Anne, or Magnolia) have access to top quality bread.  It’s a mission of mercy.  Now the good people at Columbia City Bakery are taking things one step further – they’ve started a CSB (Community Supported Bakery).  You can hand-pick glorious breads and pastries to be delivered to your neighborhood.  Check out their site and spread the good news!

We wanted a piece of this action – bringing awesome baked goods straight to you.  Panacea will be offering loaves of Columbia City bread and desserts to add on to your dinner.  Artisan bread, freshly baked Monday morning and devoured Monday night.  That’s nice.  If you’ve prepaid for a month of meals, don’t hesitate to add on a loaf or some cookies if you want to.  We’ll bill you at the end of the month.

And now, a testimonial… This week we received a wonderful message from a customer, and she said it would be fine to share it on our blog.  It’s a great story :

‘…I have been meaning to write and tell you how AMAZING Monday’s dinner was!  That sauce on the chicken!  It brought back a great memory:  In 2006, we went to Italy with friends and we ate some braised boar in a little hill town called Castellina en Chianti.  When we were done, the waiter came to take the serving platter, but we all erupted in protest because he was taking the remaining dribbles of sauce away and that. Sauce. Was. Good. He was delighted by our enthusiasm and ran off to the kitchen to bring us more bread, some of the “molto meglio” olive oil and proceeded to show us how true Italians wipe their plates clean.  He put four chunks of bread down on the sauce and then sprinkled it with the olive oil, some salt and pepper and then cut the bread up into bite sized pieces, tossed it like a salad and brought us four clean forks. “Scarpetta” he called it, miming that we sop up the sauce with these oily, salty bread chunks.  Since then, whenever there is a bit of heavenly sauce left on our plates, as there was on Monday, we turn it into scarpetta — and that Columbia city loaf was perfect for it! ”

I will be trying this technique pronto.  Simple genius.

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