Mangia Bene

October 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

We stepped into the role of Italian grannies yesterday, and cooked a big, fortifying meal.  The short ribs were from Painted Hills, in Oregon.  We braised those and served them in a red sauce with mushrooms.  We used a favorite trick for boosting the flavor of the sauce – after the meat is braised, skim the fat from the braising liquid and puree the long-cooked cooked braising veggies.  With those added, the sauce becomes robusto! We cooked a batch of polenta, let it cool, then my husband Owen fried it up to a golden brown.  Yum.  At my house, I took the beef off the bone and stirred it into the sauce at dinnertime.  This was a preventive measure against my kids whiiiiiining about bones and such. I was then able to scarf my meal in peace.  Grazie very much.

The Salad Tri Colore lived up to it’s name. Beautiful radicchio from Full Circle Farm in Carnation, plus crunchy Belgian endive and green leaf lettuce.  The red, white, and green was evocative of the Italian flag.  Our Italian grandma hearts swelled with pride.  Then we folded our aprons, turned of the stoves and returned to the humdrum lives of 21st century Seattlites.  Next week we’re thinking of transforming into abuelas… stay tuned…

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