Mac Attack

October 13, 2010 § 2 Comments

I’m sitting at my computer, eating the last of the macaroni & cheese from Monday.  Still cheesey goodness, and the panko topping held up well in the fridge.  Nothing soothes like mac n’ cheese.  We grated a tremendous amount of cheese for this dinner, and a tremendous variety: sharp cheddar, regular cheddar, gruyere, parmesan, and the star of the show: cougar gold.  Go Cougs! We love your cheese!

JM was at the stove, stirring bechamel sauce like there was no tomorrow, so that left me to construct the layer salad.  I was all nerves, as this was a JM family recipe, and I had never made anything like it before.  She tried to set me at ease, explaining that the recipe originated from the side of Kraft box, leaving lots of room for interpretation. But I knew that this was a salad JM had enjoyed hundreds of times, and I wanted to get it right for Panacea.  I jotted down a recipe (above left) and went to work.  The thing is, there’s no turning back with a layered salad.  You just CAN’T run out of room.  By the time I was at the cheese layer I felt doomed.  There was only 1.5 inches left in the container.  How on earth could I fit bacon, peas, more cheese, and a copious amount of creamy dressing?  HOW?!?  Breathe.  Compress.  The frozen peas mounded over the rim of the container.  Still, I moved forward, adding the crowning glory of the the mayo dressing.  I pressed the lid on, certain that the dressing would spurt from all sides.  But, miraculously, the dressing oozed downward, nestling between the peas.  I looked heavenward and gave thanks.  If you ordered last week, I hope you liked your container of salad!

The broccoli was roasted with olive oil, garlic, and salt & pepper.  We included a lemon vinaigrette to toss with the broccoli, but maybe it didn’t really need it.  I just love broccoli cooked this way.  It’s my new standard preparation. My kids devoured it, which is always gratifying.


§ 2 Responses to Mac Attack

  • Anny Hunt says:

    I love broccoli prepared that way, too! I roasted some last night, and fell in love. My kids, not so much. They like theirs soft and steamy. Whatevs.

    The panko topping! Love it. I had some extra so I topped a short ribs shepards pie with it. Yaoza!

  • panaceafood says:

    Oh, Anny – short ribs shepard’s pie! Yaoza, indeed! I’ve never had that and I think I need to very very soon. Thanks for the inspiration.

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