Just Ducky!

October 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

Gracious, I love duck.  Tonight a friend & I were lamenting the lack of availability of duck at grocery stores.  If I could find it fresh, not frozen, I’d cook it so much more often.  Plus, when you cook it like JM & I did today you get the bonus of leftover duck fat.  Frying food in duck fat is the way to go, if you’ve got a quart handy.  Potatoes fried in duck fat are crispy and brown in no time flat.  But I digress…

Alongside the duck confit, we served rice pilaf scented with bay, braised red cabbage & plum chutney.  Tonight as I surveyed my plate I realized that there was nothing green at all!  But, I couldn’t get my 5 year-old to eat the cabbage, even though it was a brilliant purple.

One tip – if you ordered this meal and find yourself with leftover chutney, try it on a sandwich.  I added it to a chicken club last week and it was fantastic!

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