Porchetta-Style Awesomeness

September 28, 2010 § 1 Comment

Holy moly, we cooked some wonderful pork yesterday!  We were able to use fabulous pork shoulder from Thundering Hooves, a farm in eastern Washington.  The difference between this pork and what I can buy at QFC is astounding.  Super flavorful and juicy (it’s the F-A-T).  The roasts cooked for 3-4 hours, and the kitchen smelled GREAT. And it was HOT.

We also roasted rainbow carrots from Full Circle Farm.  They were pieces of art  – very colorful, very sculptural.  Then they were dinner. If I’d had my wits aboout me I would have snapped some pics of the funniest carrots before we chopped them up.  Next time.

The potato gratin was a labor of love for JM.  She followed a combination of three recipes.  The best one was in her head, memories of the way her mom made it back in the day.  We used herb-infused milk & cream, which I am a big fan of.  Look – chives & peppercorns float!

Cooking this dinner reminded me of how easy it is to make something delicious when you start with spectacular ingredients.  If you can swing it, pay the extra dough for pasture finished pork!  Yowza, it’s fantastic.

§ One Response to Porchetta-Style Awesomeness

  • Yolinda Ward says:

    Hi JM & Hannah, just wanted to let you know what a wonderful meal we had yesterday. The pork… the potatoes… the carrots… perfect for a cool September night. Ooooppppsss… 75 degrees and humid. Didn’t matter, the pork was tender and plentiful… the potatoes were moist, crispy and perfectly spiced… and the carrots… oh the carrots… a little butter and perfect. Thank you… thank you for another wonderful meal!

    Take care… Lynn & Yo…

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