Confronting Figs

September 17, 2010 § 1 Comment

Fresh figs have so much going for them.  They are beautiful –  little gems when they’re sliced open.  I love the taste – definitely sweet, but not very fruit-like.  They are available locally  – fig trees bear fruit even in Seattle’s challenging climate.  So, why can’t I figure out (ha!) what to do with these marvelous little morsels? Perhaps it is their enigmatic nature, their air of mystery.

This  year I was determined to make something fantastic with figs.  I bought figs, I ate a few, I googled recipes… nothing.  The figs withered.  They were compost. But then I tried again.  I brought home more figs, and I did not hesitate.  I did not look to others for answers.  I made up a fig salad, and it was fantastic.  It was also exquisitely simple.  Let me share my good news…

Toss together: figs (cut into 1/8s), torn lettuce, slices of parmesan, toasted croutons, shreds of prosciutto

Dress the salad with a mix of: champagne vinegar, a touch of maple syrup, extra virgin olive oil.

I ate this salad with great joy!  Now I’m ready to try another fig recipe.  My enthusiasm knows no bounds.  If you have a great way of preparing fresh figs, tell me about !  Here, or on our Facebook page.


§ One Response to Confronting Figs

  • tally says:

    You take your cute little figs, and cut in half lengthwise. Then put a dab of chevre on one half, join the halves, and wrap with prosciutto. Pass briefly under the broiler, and go FIGure.


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