What a Pickle

September 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

My girls and I are trying to start a “pickling thing”.  We are huge fans of dill pickles, and I especially miss the ones I could always find when we lived in Providence, RI.  Were they half-sours?  Crunchy, green, and still tasted like a cucumber.  Last year we harvested a load of cucumbers from their school’s amazing garden, this year we bought what we needed at the Columbia City Farmer’s Market.  I’m still intimidated by canning, so we go the refrigerator pickle route.  It doesn’t bother me that they don’t last as long, because they get eaten up thatfast anyway.  We had another set of 7 yr-old hands to help us make these pickles the other day.  

The process couldn’t be easier.  This is the recipe I followed.  It turns out I had used all of our big pickling jars for a birthday party craft this summer, so we made due with small ones.  The girls chopped and sliced and diced and we just made those cucumbers fit.  I think their rustic, irregular shape adds to their appeal, right?  We squeeeeezed beautiful dill (especially the flowers) and chopped garlic and pickling spice in the cracks between the cucumbers.  Then we filled up the jars with water spiked with vinegar, salt and sugar and stuck those puppies in the fridge.  We’re sitting on our hands and not eating the pickles for two weeks, to let the flavor build.  The suspense is also building – can we resist these pickles for 14 days?  Only time will tell.


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