August 31, 2010 § Leave a comment

“Bob” is the nickname my mother has given Porc au Sauce Robert.  She doesn’t put on airs, that woman. But, a fabulous tomato and wine reduction by any name is just as savory.

Preparation of the pork chops and sauce “Bob” went swimmingly.  This sauce is has earned  high marks each time we’ve prepared it, and I just love it.  At one point there were three pots on the the stove – two with sauce, one with polenta- and four arms stirring and checking.  It was crowded to be sure, and sort of ridiculous.  But we got the job done!  As I write this I’m reheating the sauce and looking forward to leftovers.  I’m thinking Polenta Torta with this sauce and some shredded pork or beef for a Fall menu…

The zucchini turned out well, too.  I was having flashbacks of The Potato Chip Debacle of 2010 as I stood there, frying up the zucchini slices.  Thankfully, the zucchini behaved and was marinated without incident.  The result was a tangy, smoky, minty, lovely presentation of a vegetable that doesn’t always shine.  It was a proud day for zucchini.

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