Corny As Can Be

August 3, 2010 § 1 Comment

It was a corn fest in the kitchen on Monday. Well, it always is, but this time I’m talking about the vegetable.  We bought some pristine white corn from Willie Green’s Organic.  We sauteed it and pureed it until it was reduced to it’s essence – corn on a spoon.  One customer wrote to ask if we added cream to the soup – no!  Just a little butter and a lot of corn glory. The texture was achieved by using a Vitamix – a terrifying powerful blender (I’ve written about this fantastic machine before).  Before pureeing each batch of hot soup I’d say a prayer, flip the switch, and hang on to the thing for dear life.  Then JM found the “HIGH” button.  Holy moly.

For the tarts, we mixed double-smoked bacon with leeks, gruyere, and egg.  Baked in a flaky crust until they were golden, I think they turned out nicely.  If this was your dinner last night, we hope you enjoyed it!

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