Potato Chips, Farm Fresh

July 22, 2010 § 1 Comment

Yesterday I wanted to test this whole “homemade potato chip” idea.  It seemed like a good idea, but you never know… I returned home from my thrice-weekly trip to the grocery store and realized that I had forgotten to buy potatoes.  Drat!  But then I remembered the potato patch out by my driveway.  Months ago my daughters and I planted some potatoes that had been forgotten in the back of our pantry.  It was more an experiment, a way to fill our afternoon, than a true effort at potato farming.  Lo and behold, those taters grew into plants!  We were so proud!  Then they became covered in weeds and pretty much forgotten and totally neglected.  I would have watered them, but they were all the way out by the driveway.  That’s, like 15 yards from a spigot.  But yesterday, I remembered them.  And I needed them.  We trooped out to our potato/weed patch and started digging.  And there were potatoes down there!  It was thrilling.  We had red potatoes, and yukon golds, and fingerlings.  I know there’s some russets down there somewhere, but we couldn’t find them yesterday.  I sliced the potatoes thin, fried them up and salted them nice.

They were totally delicious.  My younger daughter, who inherited my penchant for salt and fat, looked at me misty-eyed as we crunched on our home-grown potato chips.  “Now you’re a real good chef!” she said. Since I have produced potato chips from the dirt, I have her respect.  I’m such a locavore, I can’t even stand myself.


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