Summer Refreshment

July 18, 2010 § 2 Comments

I never thought this hue occurred in nature.  I thought that it was an invention of Koolaid, Inc.  The other day my girls and I made a very vibrant pitcher of strawberry lemonade.  What else to do when you’ve got a quart of wilting local strawberries in the fridge and hardly any baking skills?  JM inspired me when she told be about a batch she made last week.  She made her lemonade from scratch, I used the carton of Newman’s Own I had in the fridge. We whizzed the berries in the blender and plopped the puree into the lemonade.  Then I let it sit forgotten for a few hours while my children worked me over.  At the end of an exhausting afternoon of pretend play, we were thrilled to discover the refreshing beverage on the counter, waiting patiently.  I poured it through a sieve and served it with ice.  Ahhhhh.  Next time I’ll make extra to use in a cocktail, I think.   (I don’t mean to infer that my children’s summer vacation is driving me to drink… or is it?)


§ 2 Responses to Summer Refreshment

  • tally says:

    Why not make cocktails for the children?


  • J.M. says:

    Great minds and all that. I made another batch yesterday, again with Meyer lemons from my dad’s house in California, and tried it with gin. blccch. Strait to the drain.
    The pink I drank last night was wine, instead of lemonade. MMM.

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