Beet It!

July 13, 2010 § 1 Comment

As we cooked Monday my mind was spinning with witty titles for today’s post.  “Life Is Just A Bowl of Bing Cherry and Beet Salad” was too long.  As was “Panacea with a Cherry on Top”.  I still marvel that it took me so long to discover beets.  These puppies are like candy – super sweet and look at the pretty colors.  We paired the beets with another sweetie – bing cherries.  Topped with toasted hazelnuts, it made for a very pretty salad.

I didn’t get any good photos of the pork, but we were very pleased with it.  Fall – apart tenderness was achieved!  I’d like to make it again in the wintertime, paired with some roasted potatoes maybe.  Speaking of MEAT…

JM & our husbands spent Sunday cooking at Burning Beast, a big ole’ barbeque put on by Tamara Murphy in Arlington, WA.  Owen rolled into bed late in the night smelling like a forest fire, even after his shower.  When I opened the fridge the next morning I found a piece of beef larger than a human head wrapped in foil.  That afternoon we carved into it and made delectable sandwiches for Panacea lunch.  JM & I compared our sammies and laughed:

JM’s is on the left.  She shamed me.

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