E-Z Crab Feast

June 19, 2010 § 2 Comments

A couple of weeks ago Sam Sifton wrote a wonderful article in the New York Times Magazine about crab, and summer, and the ritual that surrounds this marvelous shellfish.  He wrote from an east-coast point of view, and as a native Virginian I was appreciative.  Though there will always be a place in my heart for Old Bay, wooden mallets and paper-covered tables, since moving to Seattle I have a new routine.

This version of a crab feast was first introduced to my husband and me by our friend Jasmine, and it’s become a staple for those nights when you don’t want to cook but pizza just won’t do (and there’s no leftover Panacea dinner in the fridge). We pair cold Dungeness crab with rice, seaweed salad, and spiced sukang maasim  – a Filipino vinegar with peppers – for dipping.  It is a totally fresh, light, and satisfying meal.  You buy the crab cooked and have the store clean it.  If you go to Uwajimaya you’ll be able to pick up all ingredients in one trip.  E-Z!


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