Mekong is the Bomb!

June 10, 2010 § 4 Comments

One of my favorite things about Seattle is the Asian markets.  Where I grew up we had nothing like them, and they are still a marvel to me.  I’ll admit, sometimes I inwardly cringe (those 32 gallon cans of “live” frogs,  and discovering Ground Cucumbers aren’t vegetables at all), but overall I embrace the exotic ingredients.  My favorite store is Mekong on Rainier.  It’s small, everyone is nice, and they only giggle a little bit as I stare at displays in confusion, head cocked to one side as I try to make heads or tails of what the heck I’m looking at.  This week my visit was especially inspiring.  I bought kumquats – they’re so pretty but ungodly tart.  My husband eats them like candy which I find unbelievable.  I’m still working on a good way to prepare them.  I also bought this incredible herb that I was told is called “gee gum”.  I’m certain I’m misspelling it. It smells like cilantro multiplied times ten, plus some citrus, plus some floral notes.  The scent filled the car while I was driving home. I’ve been using it like cilantro or basil – in salads, in a sauce for grilled meat.  It’s fantastic.  Mekong also has pretty awesome household goods.  I’ve bought sweet cooking pots from Vietnam, bowls, mysterious vessels I use as vases.  This week’s find: a rug for my kitchen that I love, for $15.  And my dog, Mickey, loves it too.  Good boy.


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