How Does My Garden Grow? Barely.

May 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

At the very first promise of spring (always deceptively early in Seattle) I decided that I would grow a vegetable garden from seed.  I went to City People’s with my daughter and we bought seeds and and a seed starter kit.  I was infused with enthusiasm and certainty that by June our garden beds would be lush with edibles.  The seeds sprouted very quickly – we were thrilled!  Then they grew and grew… and grew – leggy and lean and not right at all.  It became clear that these little sprouts would never mature into robust broccoli, kale, or lettuce plants.  My dreams of growing our own food in the backyard were dashed.  There would be no cupcake bushes.  At around the same time PCC started to stock veggie starts, so I tossed my seed trays full of lackluster sprouts and plunked down some dough for actual plants, raised from seed by people who knew what they were doing.  Everything looked good at first.  The March sun beat down on those sweeties for about a day and half.  Then the sun went away, but I knew it would be back.  Come back, sun.

Six weeks later I made my first harvest, barely enough salad for my family of four.  It was delicious – speckled bibb,  tasoi, arugula, mustard greens.  Fortunately, we’re fans of baby lettuces – my garden features itty bitty everything.  What hasn’t bolted already is only 2 in. high.  I should leave the farming to others and accept the fact that my thumb is barely green at all.  But I can’t help myself.  Tomorrow I’ll be picking up compost bright and early (using my City of Seattle coupons), then heading to my kids’ school plant sale.  A new crop, a fresh start.  Try and try again!


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