Wicked Good.

May 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

The Wicked Good Chicken lived up to it’s name, I think.  The kitchen smelled great – mustard, wine, shallots, butter, butter, and butter browning on the stove.  We could have been in Provence.  Another transporting moment: when JM’s husband, John, swooped in and served us lunch al fresco, in the parking lot.  The shared bottle of pink wine and the sunshine refreshed us for the second half of our day.  Vive La Panacea!!  Alongside the chicken we served a beet salad – those beets were camera shy.  OK, it was me, I forgot to take a photo of the salad.  Too bad, because it was very pretty.  Funny thing, beets illicit strong opinions.  I’ve never met a person on the fence about beets.  Either you love them with a passion, or … blech.  You can guess which side of the debate I fall on. I cannot find fault with beets.  And after I prepare them I can look down at my purple-stained fingertips and reminisce about how delicious they were.

The beet salad was topped with brown-butter pecans.  Yum.  Toss roasted pecans in a bit of brown butter and salt and then try not to eat them all before dinner is served.  They are rather irresistible, believe us.

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