Pork Pibil Is The Answer

April 6, 2010 § 1 Comment

This dish solves my problems.  All of them, all at once.  At least it seems that way, while I’m eating. Pork Pibil takes time, but the pay off is big.  We had a lot of help from my husband, Owen this week.  He is the Pibil mastermind, which is only one of the reasons I love him.

The pork is marinated overnight in a mix of achiote (a mexican spice paste), citrus, and other spices.  Then the meat is wrapped with loving care in banana leaves. True pibil is cooked in a pit, and we just might try that at my house one day.  But for now, a low temp oven does the trick.  These babies cooked for 41/2 hours!

Ay que rico! Can you smell that?  Holy moly.

We also made a tomatillo and avocado salsa that was a nice compliment to the rich pork.  And so pretty.  Tomatillos are a strange and lovely fruit.  Very tangy and fresh  flavor.  We bought too many, so I also made a puree with some onion, bell pepper & cilantro.  I’m going to try it with grilled fish.  Yes sir, I’ll put on my parka and light up that grill.  Or Owen will.

§ One Response to Pork Pibil Is The Answer

  • AY says:

    Tyler loved the salsa. He saw it and started waving his arms for it. It was spicy, and I warned him…he took a bite of avocado, enjoyed, then got upset. Five minutes later, he was waving his arms around for more. Repeat response.

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